Top 5 small tricks to facilitate the management of the household and your finances

07 November, 2022

The Les Belles Combines family organization binder is your ally par excellence in managing your personal and family life ! A workbook, planner, calendar and diary all rolled into one, it will allow you to keep all the important information and papers in one place, in addition to all those little tricks that will make your daily life much easier! Here is our top 5 little tricks to insert now in your finances and administration section :

Your cumulative financial statement

Do you want to track your budget from one year to the next or make sure that you are able to meet the challenge of reducing your expenses over the years? Take a moment to fill out this little combination at the end of each year and keep it preciously in your family organization binder!

Your monthly budget

Completing and following a budget means giving yourself the opportunity to save and to clearly see where your money is being spent so that you can regularly review your priorities and adjust your daily expenses. Download and print one of our three monthly budget models adapted to your reality now and take the time to fill it out each month in order to finally stay on track with your finances!

The list of your passwords

Anyone who has never reset their password at least five times for the same website raise their hand! We offer you with this little combination the possibility of avoiding this daily irritant by allowing you not only to keep all of your passwords in the same place , but also to allow each of the members of your family to find them easily. as needed, without even having to ask you!

Track your online purchases

As the head of the family, it is often much easier to shop online, from the comfort of your home, rather than taking the time to go to the store. Between buying the youngest's sneakers and your teenage girl's new raincoat, it's easy to lose track! Download and print this little trick to write down your needs and ensure effective follow-up of your orders !

The list of your personal contacts

Your main phobia is not that of spiders, but that of misplacing your cell phone and thus losing all of your personal contacts? Because technology is not infallible, complete this little scheme and keep it preciously in your family organization binder!

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