Practical tips for the effective use of the large task board

07 November, 2022

When children grow up, it is normal to ask them to collaborate more in carrying out household chores in order to become actively involved in family life and to contribute concretely to the organization of daily life and the maintenance of the living environment. family . Our large task board is the perfect tool to clearly indicate to children the different tasks to be accomplished and to ensure an effective follow-up of what has been achieved during the week . Here are some tips for using it to its full potential.

Determine the set of household chores to be done each week

In the To Do section of your large task board, place the magnets each week corresponding to the different tasks that must be completed before the weekend. Can't find a suitable magneto or do you have a particular task to add to the week's planning? Use our little sticky notes !

Assign a different level of chores for each child

In order to facilitate the follow-up of the tasks carried out by each child of the family and to help each one to easily identify what he must accomplish during the week, assign a level of tasks to each child , determined according to his age and his Level of development. As each level has its own color, it will be easy for you to see the work done by each member of the family and thus reward the efforts made!

Clearly define your expectations

Take a moment to clearly explain to your children what you expect of them and the minimum number of tasks they must complete each week. Also, be sure to set a clear time limit for completing tasks (for example, you can request that all tasks given on Monday in the To Do section of the large task board have been moved to the Done by late Saturday morning).

Reward efforts made

Children often need extrinsic motivation to perform household chores, and it is with this in mind that you can reward the efforts made with the help of our General Store . Determine from the start the number of tokens allocated for each of the requested tasks and, at the end of the week, grant everyone the deserved tokens according to the number of magnetos located in the Done section of your large task board.

For more practical advice and tips related to involving children in household chores , check out our other blog posts !

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