5 types of rewards to integrate into your General Store

07 November, 2022

Do you want to integrate the General Store into your family life but don't know exactly what to include as rewards? Don't look too far and just think about what you already offer your children. To help you, here are some suggestions of items or privileges that you could include.

Practical rewards:

Batteries to replace those that no longer work in their toys, individual felt pens to replace those lost or worn out, miscellaneous objects to replace those that your children may have misplaced, catered meals at school, DIY materials, pieces of clothing, etc.

Privilege Rewards:

Go to bed 15 or 30 minutes later, read a second story before bedtime, 20 minutes of screen time, have a picnic in the park, leave from housework, a day in pajamas, etc.

Food rewards:

Outing to the local creamery, choosing a meal of the week, breakfast in bed, dinner in front of the television, preparing your favorite dessert, various sweets or special foods, upside-down dinner, etc.

Experience rewards:

Going to the movies, candlelight dinner, inviting a friend for a special activity, building a cabin in the living room, one-on-one activity with mom or dad, playing a game of your choice with the family, night outing with headlamps, etc.

Toy rewards:

Toy cars, small Legos, modeling clay, stickers, temporary tattoos, special pencils, collectibles or cards, bath bombs or bubbles, activity books, bouncy balls, figurines, etc.

Still running out of ideas? Do not hesitate to ask your children what they would like to find there, they will surely be even more motivated to accumulate tokens in order to obtain what they themselves have chosen!

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