Top 5 little tips for monitoring the health of young and old

07 November, 2022

It's no secret: if you want to successfully manage family daily life, you must first ensure everyone's health and well-being! To help you ensure effective monitoring of this most important aspect of your certainly busy life, here are the top 5 little tricks to integrate into the Care and Health section of your family organization binder !

Medication tracking/parent and child version

Does your child have to take antibiotics for the third time this winter? To make sure you don't forget any dose and thus obtain rapid and optimal healing, use this little combination to easily and effectively monitor medication intake each time you have to treat minor and major ailments. your children!

Medical form for children

Since you can sometimes wait several weeks or even months before getting an appointment with a doctor, use this little trick to write down your concerns and questions related to your children's health . Following the medical appointment, also take a moment to write down any tests requested as well as the medication prescriptions that will have been given to you in order to keep this information in your files, which could be useful to you in the future.

Our sore survival kit

Nobody likes panicking for the bandages when the youngest has cut their knee or realizing that the ibuprofen jar is empty when the oldest has a violent headache. To avoid this kind of situation, make sure you always have all the equipment listed in this sore survival kit and take inventory of it on a regular basis so that you are always ready to face any emergency!

Menstrual Cycle Tracker

This little combination will allow your teenager to effectively monitor her menstrual cycle so that she can easily notice any changes or irregularities, in addition to allowing her to predict the arrival of her next period more easily.

I wash my hands

Rather than storing it in your family organization binder out of sight, print this little combination instead and place it in plain view near the various sinks in the house! It will allow young and old alike to wash their hands effectively and the whole family to certainly avoid several germs!

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