Four ways to plan your meals with the monthly Chef.fe de famille

03 February, 2023

Meals come back three times a day, seven days a week, and when you have to feed many little mouths, the task can not only become repetitive, but also take up a lot of your mental load! Because at Les Belles Combines, we want to make your life easier, we offer you four ways to facilitate the planning and preparation of your meals thanks to the Chef.fe de famille monthly subscription!

Prepare your meals in batch cooking formula

Your weeks are ultra-full, you are on the run from Monday to Friday because of your oldest skating lessons and the end-of-day meetings that stretch, but your weekends are generally rather free? Do you want to share the task of preparing meals on weekends with your spouse who works outside all week? The batch cooking method is for you! Each month, find in your monthly Chef.fe de famille four tasty recipes and two snacks for the whole family to prepare in just three hours, detailed method and grocery list included ! From Monday to Thursday, just put the meal in the oven for a quick dinner or freeze what you have cooked to create a reserve of dishes for the unexpected or hurried evenings!


Prepare your meals in a mini batch cooking formula

Do you prefer to take full advantage of your weekends and not have to devote three hours of your time to preparing meals? You lack time to cook on Monday and Wednesday evening, but Tuesday and Thursday are completely free of obligations? Adopt mini batch cooking instead: each month, discover the detailed method and the list of foods needed to prepare three delicious complete meals in the space of just 1h30 ! Use the extra meal on Friday or freeze it to have it in the bank in case of the unexpected or for an evening when you run out of energy!


Take the guesswork out of meal planning with recipe canvases

You have a lot of admiration for people who plan their meals religiously, but you can't do it? Are you more of a “freestyle” than a “meal prep” type? Try our recipe outlines, which will help you avoid always preparing the same dishes, without having to plan them : every evening choose the ingredients of your choice from those offered to you in order to cook tasty recipes for meatballs, muffins, meal plates and more ! This way of doing things will not only allow you not to have to plan all your meals, but also to be creative and avoid waste by using what you already have on hand!


Plan meals with Les Belles Combines recipes and tools

Do you like planning your meals and looking for different recipes each week that will appeal not only to all members of the family, but also to your desires and needs of the moment, but looking for tools to do it more efficiently? You not only have access at all times in your monthly Chef.fe de famille to all the dozens of recipes published in recent years, but also to several practical downloads (all free for our Pro and Pro+ subscribers!) that will make greatly the management of meals :


Finally, when meal planning is no longer a mystery to you, take a moment each week to write down your scheduled meals on our weekly planner , to not only avoid disappointment and surprises, but also to ensure that each member of the family can easily take charge of the preparation of the planned meal!