Leading in the kitchen

26 August, 2019

If you like cooking, you quickly come to the conclusion that it takes time! The temptation to eat breakfast or ingredients is always strong, especially since there are more and more choices in terms of quality and health that are perfectly acceptable. Not to mention the prepared food But there is a price to all of this. In order to save the cost of the shopping basket, it is necessary to invest the least time there. This is something to maximize your time in the kitchen. Three keys save time in the kitchen, time in the grocery store
  • Plan
  • Good food management
  • Proper use of cooking tools
These tools save us time Microwave oven is very useful for cooking vegetables. There are siloxane tanks suitable for microwave oven baking. A simple glass plate with a little water at the bottom, can also do business, and can cook vegetables in record time. Cauliflower only takes 4 minutes to cook, so do beans and asparagus. You can also squeeze the potatoes out of the oven and put them on a plate for about 10-15 minutes. Do you know we can Roasted walnutMicrowave Oven? The risk of making them burn is much smaller than in the kitchen. By the way, roasted nuts are perfect for salads. In a very unknown pot moment, the pressure cooker is actually a multi-functional electrical appliance, which replaces the hot plate on the base. It can cook a meal quickly because it works under pressure. It's very convenient because it can prepare a meal and needs to cook in less than 30 minutes. He would turn a frozen chicken into a cooked chicken in less than an hour The combination of "frozen meat" and "instant can" is perfect! Freezer meal is a way to prepare several meals at the same time and freeze them in a bag. The bag contains all the ingredients of the recipe, but nothing is cooked. For example, pork and root vegetables with broth. So we can put the rest of the bags in the camera, take 35-40 minutes, and then leave to pick up the children in the nursery. After burning, the device will enter heating mode. This is well known and may already be in your kitchen. I use it to make meat or recipes She needs more time to cook, but the result is good. I like to use it on weekends and prepare dinner quietly after lunch. She asked me to leave for a day to get together with my family and come home for a hot meal. Cooking robot: it can not only cut vegetables, cut vegetables, grind cheese, but also help to prepare energy ball, tatina or hums. Put him on the counter In this way, it can be used every day. Don't hesitate to use it to make an onion, then rinse it! Ice cream scoop: available in a variety of formats, it allows Division Muffins and biscuits before cooking. If you like to eat at home Food and diet management One season Prepare frozen food It can be spaghetti sauce, lasagna or a ball. Try "frozen meat". Put the cooked food in the bag and in the refrigerator. Wash the bags in the refrigerator all night at the right time and place them in the refrigerator at the right time. If you plan carefully, you can prepare about 20 meals in an hour. Once a month Cook a double, or even three, biscuits or cookies, as well as an energy ball or soft bar. Once frozen, the snacks will continue next month. Use it to get kids involved They are very good at making energy balls and like to use ice cream spoons to "divide" the cake into molds. Check the refrigerator, refrigerator and food storage room, and then make a grocery store to replace the missing food. It's time to go to the warehouse to save money Costco, of course, but not the only one: aubut, mayrand, Adonis, club provigo warehouse. If you buy large meat, put it in a bag, on a puppet, in the refrigerator. It's a good breakfast when an unexpected visit. Once a week Plan your weekly menu, think about five meals, and put them on the menu. Make a grocery store out of this cutlery list. When the grocery store comes back, cut vegetables according to their purpose. Wash salad, chop meat, chop vegetables, barbecue and fry, chop melon, etc. Daily Think about tomorrow's menu Do you want to cook the meat or do you want to cook the meat again? Emphasize immediate consumption of food to avoid waste. Something in bulk Grocery store shortcuts include frozen onions and spinach, garlic and ginger jars, extracted salads, soup vegetables or pre cut cabbage salads. Don't hesitate to use these shortcuts when you are busy this week. Prepare some seasonal ingredients yourself. For example, onions and peppers can be cut and frozen without washing. Even tomatoes can be completely frozen If necessary, put them in warm water. The skin will loosen itself, then cut into pieces and use them in recipes. Prepare a smooth bag. Put the food (bananas, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, Kyle, etc.) in the blender. Then you just need to add milk or plant drinks.