Batch cooking: an efficient and economical method of meal planning

16 February, 2023

Planning and preparing meals is certainly one of the most time-consuming tasks in everyday life, and it is therefore important to find a method that not only works well and saves you time and energy, but also suits your personal reality, professional than family ! At Les Belles Combines, we are fans of batch cooking, but as we know that everyone's reality is different, we also thought of including a mini version of our regular batch cooking in our Chef.fe family subscription . Discover these two ways to plan and prepare your meals now!

Batch cooking

Our batch cooking method will allow you to cook four meals and two snacks/desserts for the week in just three hours. Thanks to a work method organized in such a way as to optimize each of the preparation stages, make the most of your time and free up the mental load associated with meal management in one go ! And, because we want to make your life as simple as possible, we also offer you a full grocery list of the ingredients needed to prepare recipes every month, sorted by category that you will find at the supermarket.
If your weeks are super busy or your evenings are often on the run due to professional appointments or children's sports activities, batch cooking may be the solution for you!

Mini batch cooking

If you only have two busier evenings each week and you do not have three hours to devote each weekend to preparing your meals , use an hour and a half of your time instead to prepare a mini batch cooking which will provide you with three complete meals to feed your entire family. Although it takes less time, the method is the same as for batch cooking: each month, find in your Chef.fe family subscription a detailed working method and the list of ingredients needed to prepare three delicious recipes .
In addition to being balanced and of course always tasty , the recipes offered by our collaborator Sonia Lizotte from the Culinary Squad also generally present a vegetarian alternative as well as a version for more adventurous children who like to explore cooking and discover new things. food. In addition, most of the dishes suggested can be frozen, so that you can keep the surpluses in reserve and use them for the evenings when your energy reserve will be at zero!

Ready to cook? Discover now in our Family Chef.fe subscription our complete section on meal planning and preparation!