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22 May, 2019

Do you like cookbooks? Who doesn't like to be inspired by beautiful photos or new ideas? Did you know that children (even the smallest!) also share this interest? As we feed several times a day, food quickly takes a big place in our children's lives, becoming known elements, well present in our homes. From an early age, they manipulate them, easily recognize them in the imagiers and even learn to become familiar with the colors thanks to them. In kindergarten, some teachers will even introduce them to sounds by cutting food in flyers. In short, food is an easy learning ground because it is very much present in our lives. And it doesn't stop there! To raise good eaters, it is not enough to tell them to eat well. I would go so far as to say that this approach does not really work. What needs to be done is to stimulate their interest in food by offering them varied meals, enjoying eating them and, above all, avoiding moralizing them by explaining "doubtful" nutrition principles. In fact, telling them "eat your vegetables, it's full of vitamins" won't necessarily motivate them to eat them. That may be true, but it is too abstract for our children and it is not a sufficient source of motivation to eat them. In order to generate interest in food and cooking, involving them in meal planning and preparation remains the best way. Here are some ideas:
  • Ask them to encircle the food they love in the flyers
  • Put bookmarks on pages that might inspire them in your favorite cookbooks
  • Ask them for a meal suggestion for the coming week
  • View the menu on your family planner
  • Give them access to the counter and assign them a few tasks
The most valuable advice I can give you if you have a difficult child or who has little interest in new foods, is to try to arouse interest in them outside of meal periods. Do you think it's strange? Unfortunately, for many families, meals are a constant struggle, which does not make them a good time to arouse interest in food. So it's better to use other times of the day, without pressure, through stories, cooking activities (helping your parents cut food, making a recipe yourself) or flipping through cookbooks just to awaken your appetite or look at the pictures. It will already be a big step forward! Books are a really good way to generate interest in cooking, food and recipes! Here are some favorite suggestions by book categories.

The imagiers

Animal and food imagiers are my favorites for toddlers as they are more common images.

The youth albums

I'd like to introduce you to a few books that showcase healthy foods in a positive way. I don't usually like stories where kids hate or are afraid of vegetables. Some are funny but can reinforce the fact that you have to force yourself to eat vegetables.
  • The entire collection Rabbit Inspector, Benedicte Guettier, Gallimard Youth Edition and Giboulées
Most of the characters are fruits and vegetables with rhyme names. My kids loved it! Moreover, the tone is very humorous, not at all in morality.
  • The entire collection Clafoutine and friendss. Nadia Bazinet, Nancy Bélanger, Catherine Sévigny Editions La Presse
Clafoutine is a chef and her adventures always include food or events where cooking is in the spotlight. A very funny story where we compare vegetables to monsters according to their characteristics. Not at all negative, it makes you want to be more interested in these foods. Some albums even have an educational mission in addition to telling a story! A very well illustrated album that presents the basics of cooking in a playful and humorous way. Different vegetables and fruits tell their story in a very interesting way for children. In addition to the facts about their origins, their characteristics and their use. Documentary books on cooking or food This book is very complete, very well done, a must to have at home. It contains answers to common questions about food, food chemistry and cooking tips. It is mainly aimed at 10 years and older but the curious little ones who like question-and-answer books will love it. The book contains some recipes but it is not a cookbook at the base. Here is a very illustrated book that serves both as an imagier while answering several questions related to cooking, food and the cultural and social side of food. Cookbooks There are beautiful cookbooks created specifically for children. It's a great gift to make, especially to a child who's starting to read. It is shown that his reading skills can allow him to make recipes, much like reading a Lego plan but with letters. As the name suggests, this is a very first book to introduce children to cooking. It contains a lot of images to explain the preparation steps. The recipes are simple and have been tested after years of cooking workshops with the children. Another essential for beginner cooks. The recipes are simple and well presented with photos. We also share a lot of information about food and cooking, always presented in a humorous and very well illustrated way. Children have a lot of interest in this book as it looks like an adult book filled with beautiful photos and mouth-watering recipes for children. Be warned, some recipes will not get your approval on the health side. The important thing is to introduce children to cooking, regardless of the recipes chosen. So yes to colorful cakes to initiate them! In time, they will also learn how to cook healthy patties for their lunches. At first, it is certain that you will make the recipe with your children. But with time, don't hesitate to leave them alone in the kitchen. All the instructions are in the recipe. I suggest you take out the ingredients and utensils as well as preheat the oven if necessary. For the rest, making cookies, muffins or recipes without baking is quite simple. Your children will be very proud to show you the results. All thanks to reading ;)

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