Summer, summer, summer is for playing!

09 June, 2021 • Par Bougeotte et Placotine

By Sarah Baribeau of Bougeotte and Placotine

Holidays, as we know, are made to relax, unwind, slow down. Is it possible to stay active while on vacation?

Having a healthy lifestyle encompasses several things: sleeping well, eating well, having good hygiene and practicing a minimum of physical activity. Why not take advantage of the holidays to move differently, to move with the family and perhaps discover a way of doing physical activity that is a little more intuitive and natural depending on what the terrain and the location offer you?

I want to put aside the word "training" during your camping holidays and encourage you instead to take advantage of the presence of your children to reconnect with the jovial aspect of being active.

A natural playground

Often campsites are packed with activity and provide an incredible playground. Depending on the type of camping you choose, either a very organized site or a little more wild, I offer you my favorite activities to do with my girls to create active moments.


In several “playground” type campsites, hebertism courses are set up in the forest. Rather than just letting your children explore them, why not challenge yourself to complete each of the steps as well? Balance, agility, strength, courage and above all pleasure will be there. In addition to enjoying this beautiful family moment, your children will have a fine example of an active parent, who wants to move and who is not afraid of not succeeding.


Several campsites are found at the foot of the mountains. If you and your family are not big hikers yet, choose a hike with less elevation and not too long. Also, do not hesitate to lower expectations and listen to your children. Do not hesitate to give precise objectives, to take out your notebook of camp songs and to bring several snacks. For families with older children, you could involve them by asking them to carry a small backpack themselves with their snacks and water bottle. It is also important to ensure that everyone is properly shod and dressed according to the temperature. Prepare to appreciate the process over the end: Praise perseverance and courage, and emphasize scenery and adventure over speed or miles. This will make it possible to live a great experience and to repeat it without bad apprehensions.

white water swimming

If you're a bit more competitive, then take advantage of the beautiful lakes that campsites often offer. To make sure you can enjoy it, remember to bring your goggles and bathing cap. If you really want to practice this activity, plan it in your schedule. The campsite allows us to be 24/24 with our families and it's wonderful, but that does not prevent that, so that everyone can enjoy their holidays, little moments alone are planned for the greater good of everyone. .

The family bike

If you are lucky enough to bring the bikes, then this is a must. Whether it's to get around the campsite, to eat an ice cream, or simply to take advantage of the trails laid out for biking, rides on this car will allow you to see more landscapes, to breathe fresh air fresh and to move in family.

Trail running

Many parents develop a taste for running. If it's a sport you do, then there's no reason not to do it while camping. Often set up near a forest or a mountain, campsites generally offer several trails. Bring your sneakers and go explore. Without a watch, without expectations, go play in the woods and oxygenate your lungs! Do you want to include one or more children? Put them on their bike, run with them and share their fun!

The monster and the tag

Are running and cycling less your thing? Go play with your children. Go to the game module and participate with your children in a game of tag, relay race, monster, have fun, move your legs and beat your heart! What memories you will create!

Volleyball, soccer, canoe and paddle board

Some campsites may offer activities. Whether it's canoe or paddle board rental, or organized volleyball games, why not try them out? A great time to discover new passions!

Bonus: for the cracked ones!

For motivated active families, I suggest you organize a family and/or team triathlon. Swimming in the lake, biking on the trail and running in a bathing suit, without complications, just in the pleasure of moving with the family.

The watchword of your camping stay will be pleasure, because getting into the habit of moving, developing a reflex to keep a moment for yourself and prioritizing your health can only improve your experience.

A short guide to make sure you can move when camping:

  • Find out more about everything that your campsite and the surrounding area have to offer.
  • For activities that require more organization, plan when they will take place and share your idea with your family members so that everyone is well prepared.
  • You don't have to always be a GO . Sometimes, to encourage children to move, parents become animators. Your children may be discouraged, tanned, they will surely complain, they are children. Use these moments to listen to them, talk about perseverance, develop the ability to see the beautiful and the place of pride after the effort and do not hesitate to slow down the pace in order to reduce the pressure.
  • Don't forget to bring everything to facilitate the activities: running shoes for everyone, bottles of water, a backpack and appropriate clothing for sporting outings that are a little longer and in any weather.
  • If you want to do certain activities that require more organization, plan them in your schedule (for example if you need to get to the start of a hike or a mountain). Being well organized can prevent many disappointments.
  • If this is your first camping experience, choose a site that offers a game module or some organized activities.
  • Plan times with your spouse to move alone. Vacations are also about taking time for yourself. Plan ahead, because otherwise they will be met fairly quickly by the needs of others...we know that!
  • Move with your children!

Remember, you are learning too, there is no room for rigidity. Your plans will surely be changed depending on the temperature and energy of each, and that's okay. There will be times that are more difficult than others, this is what makes it possible to create memories and to evolve as parents and as humans. Ah, and above all, above all… Have fun!

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