Seasonal guides: the ideal tool so you don't forget anything!

16 February, 2023

Because we are committed to lightening your mental load, we have created a complete tool for our heads of families that will allow you, each season, to not forget any of the tasks to be carried out depending on the season. year . Each start of the season, receive a list of everything there is to accomplish in each of the different departments of family life:

Tips for using Season Guides to their full potential

  1. Because it is of course impossible to do everything, first take a moment to go through the list of tasks and select those that you want to accomplish and that suit your family reality .
  2. In the adjacent column, check the month of the season when you think you can perform the task in question . Would you like the task done, but don't have the time or the skills to do it? Instead, check the “To be delegated” box and schedule some time to find the appropriate resource.
  3. Then use your monthly family planner to write down the times when you actually plan to do the task.
  4. When the task is done, feel the satisfaction of the work done by taking the time to check the “Done” box on your seasonal guide.

Tools to download

Don't forget to download the set of tools each month that will make it easier for you to complete the tasks of the season. For example, for the winter, find free with your guide the following little tricks:

These tools, in addition to greatly facilitating your task, can then be classified by department in your family organization binder so that you can find them easily and use them quickly when necessary.

Our seasonal guides are available each month in our Family Chef.fe subscription; Take advantage now of our free month to discover them and lighten your mental load each season!