The Les Belles Combines method for buying children's clothes

07 November, 2022

As a Quebec parent, each season we have the sometimes long and arduous task of sorting the clothes of each of the children (whether we have one, three or seven!) so that everyone has the necessary and adapted wardrobe. not only to his growing body, but also to the temperature of the next few months. Because at Les Belles Combines, we like to simplify your life, we have designed for you the perfect little combination that will be able to accompany you effectively in this task. Follow these few tips, pour yourself a beverage of your choice and get to work!

Step 1:

Take the time to wash all of the clothes for each of the children, so that you have everything you have on hand and that you don't forget any pieces in the bottom of the laundry basket!

2nd step:

Place the clothes in categories in front of you or in the drawers/closets of the children so that you can clearly see the number of each item (pants, sweater, etc.) owned by each. The Les Belles Combines trick so you don't have to wash several times a week? Place one clothing kit per day of the week (t-shirt and shorts in summer, long-sleeved sweater and pants in winter) and per child. You will quickly see the pieces that you will need to obtain. Don't forget of course to provide space for underwear and pieces for special occasions!

Step 3:

Before buying new items, take the time to check your older children's clothing bins (ideally neatly arranged and clearly labelled !) to see if certain pieces could be added to the wardrobe of your younger ones.

Step 4:

Take a moment to take the measurements of each of your children and write them down in the space provided in your Little Clothing Buying Guide . Then complete a sheet for each child, where you will note the quantities needed, in stock and to buy for each item on the list. Then make yourself comfortable and go in search of finds online or put on your best sneakers for a shopping spree in due form!

To have on hand: