Projects for the week

11 February, 2022

What if, for the school break this year, we stay quiet at home and take the opportunity to carry out projects on which we can work on throughout the week? Running out of ideas? Here are some project ideas that will certainly inspire you!

Our active room

Have you ever heard of our active room in the basement of the house? This place is perfect for letting the children move as they please and burn off all their energy without disturbing other family members who want more peace and quiet . To set up your own active room, first think about the place in the house that is best suited, free up space and think about getting and installing these few items, according to your preferences and those of your children:

  • A ground mattress (gymnastics type) to avoid injuries
  • Climbing holds to hang on the wall
  • A swing
  • Rings
  • Balls and balloons
  • A balance board
  • A jumping ball
  • A mini-trampoline
  • stilts
  • A skipping rope

Our DIY space

To promote the development of creativity in children , nothing beats exploration through drawing, painting or crafts! In order to develop their autonomy and leave them free to explore as they please , why not provide them with a space in the house dedicated specifically to the plastic arts? Don't have free space? Simply fill an empty cabinet or cart with the necessary materials! Consider including:

  • Washable paint, containers and brushes of different sizes
  • sheets of cardboard
  • Stick glue and liquid glue
  • Wooden sticks (of the “popsicle” type)
  • pipe cleaners
  • Colored pencils (felt, wax, wood)
  • Oil pastels and dry pastels
  • scissors
  • “Fimo” type dough
  • Decorative accessories (shiny, sticky, sequins, etc.)
  • Felt sheets
  • Paper/cardboard bags and plates
  • Twine/rope
  • Recycled material (toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, etc.)

Don't forget to download and display the DIY corner rules poster developed by our collaborator Mlle Range-tout!

Our storage space

Have you dreamed of adopting the Belles Combines storage method for a long time, but do not know where to store the items stored in this way? It's time to create your room/storage space! Consider opting for often less used areas of the house, such as under the stairs or an unfinished room in the basement. Finally, take the time to properly assess your needs based on your consumption habits and get to work! Consider purchasing the following items:

  • An additional freezer
  • Shelves, shelves or cupboards
  • Bins of different sizes
  • Les Belles Combines storage labels
  • A basket, to facilitate the transport of items

And, above all, don't forget to print our storage lists !

A new bedroom

Has your teenager been asking you for several months to change the decor of their room? Why not involve him concretely in the project? In order to develop their autonomy and introduce them to managing a budget , give them an amount that seems reasonable to you and let them do their own shopping for the various items that will be used to redecorate their space. to him. And, of course, let him collaborate on the painting and the small jobs that may be necessary! Take care to make him think about including in his budget:

  • Paint and accessories as needed
  • Furniture to be changed, if necessary
  • The bedding
  • The lights
  • Decorative accessories (frames, posters, etc.)
  • Curtains
  • Storage accessories (bins, baskets, etc.)

Our cooking or baking project

On a daily basis, we often lack the time to try recipes that require more preparation or that seem more complex to make. Why not take advantage of the break to develop our cooking skills and learn about larger-scale culinary projects ? Here are some ideas that are sure to make your mouth water:

  • Make homemade bagels
  • Prepare a cake worthy of the greatest pastries
  • cooking fresh pasta
  • Make homemade croissants or chocolatines
  • Make fine chocolates

Our reading corner

Would you like to encourage your children to read more or would you like to have a quiet space where you can sit and read your books quietly ? Take advantage of the spring break to create a pleasant reading corner for everyone! To do this, consider including:

  • Books of all genres and suitable for children's ages (novels, albums, documentaries, comics, etc.)
  • Shelves or a bookcase to put books on
  • Comfortable cushions or chairs
  • Covers
  • Sufficient lighting