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30 March, 2023

At Les Belles Combines, we have the fair sharing of the mental load at heart , and it is with this in mind that we have created the podcast Équipe parentale, in which Dominique talks with personalities from different backgrounds presenting personal realities. and various families in order to discuss with them the issues and challenges of family life and this important sharing of the mental load within the family .
Thus, like a glance thrown into a keyhole to observe Quebec families, this podcast is intended as a collective reflection on the roles that each one assumes as well as on the reasons why these roles are anchored so strongly in us that they are for some difficult to replace .
Check out our first seven episodes now:

Parental Revolution

With Valérie Harvey and Mathieu Gratton, Dominique discusses the evolution of parental roles over time and wonders about the path that remains to be traveled in this direction.

Alternate parental leave

In the company of Véronique Hivon and Tristan Champion, we discuss alternating parental leave and its main differences compared to traditional parental leave in Quebec.

Maternal guilt when you hold us!

With Madeleine Arcand and Nathalie Plaat, we talk about maternal guilt! Is there a way to temper this feeling and delegate more tasks to your spouse without feeling like you're failing in your role as a mother?

Finances and love, a Pandora's box

Annie Drapeau and Pierre-Yves McSween discuss with Dominique this question that divides many couples: money!

The kitchen has no gender

Planning menus, anticipating and preparing meals, managing the food budget... the mental load related to meal management is often heavy! Dominique chatting with her guests Geneviève O'Gleman and Antoine Sicotte.

reunite the family

In the company of Suzanne Vallières and Patrick Marsolais, we talk about the sometimes complicated reality of reconstituted families and the many challenges they encounter!

mental overload

In this episode, we don't just discuss the mental load, we also offer concrete solutions to lighten it, thanks to the wise advice of our guests Derrick Frenette and Amélie Châteauneuf.

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