Practical tips for making full use of your monthly to-do list

07 November, 2022

To free your mind and lighten your mental load , there's nothing like an effective and well-organized to-do list! You're probably already familiar with the daily to-do list, but have you ever thought of using a monthly to-do list as well? This is what we offer you with our monthly to-do list , available for download each month in your monthly Chef.fe de famille ! Organized into sections corresponding to the different aspects of your family life, you can note:

Monthly household chores

Can't remember the last time the windows were cleaned and your sofas are soaked with dust accumulated over the last three months? Take the guesswork out of household chores that need to be done monthly by putting them on your to-do list each month. For other ideas of tasks that should ideally be done twelve times a year , check out our little trick !

Finance and management

Write down here all the bills you usually have to pay during the month (child care, electricity, cable, car, etc.). Of course, be sure to note the payment due date and who in your family will be responsible for it. It is in this section that you can also make a list of the various "administrative" tasks that you must think about during the month: making an appointment with the dentist for the children, buying winter clothes, registration for extracurricular activities, etc.

Objectives of the month

Setting goals is giving yourself the opportunity to achieve your goals and realize your big and small dreams. To give you every chance of success, however, make sure that each of your objectives is SMART : specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

Appointments and activities

Enter in this section all the appointments and activities that will be on your schedule in the next month so that you always have them at hand. Also, don't forget to write them down in your monthly family planner so that each member of the family can easily know the schedule for the coming weeks.