Practical tips for making full use of your monthly planner

07 November, 2022

Because you don't always want to be the only person in the family to carry the weight of all the appointments, activities and classes to come in the family schedule, it is important to effectively share the planning of time between each member. of the clan. The Belles Combines monthly planner is the tool you need to help you!

Every first of the month, take the time to write down (with a pencil or using our magnetos ) everything that is on your family schedule for the weeks to come :

  • appointments (doctor, dentist, hairdresser, beautician, speech therapist, etc.)
  • special activities (parties, family dinners, outings, etc.)
  • sports and cultural activities for children and parents
  • pedagogical days and statutory holidays

Thanks to the mini-magnets , you can also add all the repetitive activities that punctuate the daily family life to your planner each month:

  • days at dad's or at mom's (for separated couples)
  • vacation or travel days
  • the days when mom or dad works
  • school or daycare days
  • days when garbage, compost and recycling are picked up
  • physical education days
  • the days on which groceries must be done
  • budget tracking days

Also take the time to add in the section provided for this purpose the tasks that must generally be carried out on a monthly basis :

  • Clean and disinfect trash cans
  • Wash windows and mirrors
  • Clean small appliances
  • Clean major appliances
  • Take inventory of the freezer
  • Clean light switches, baseboards, door handles and frames
  • Vacuum the sofas
  • Cleaning the purse/diaper bag

Finally, be sure to move the star magnet every day so that everyone, even the little ones, can always know what day it is and thus know what is coming. Of course, also allow each member of the family to register on the planner the various appointments and events that could be added over the weeks.

The little Les Belles Combines trick? Use two planners at once, so you can quickly see the big picture for the next two months!