How to become a pro at managing your to-do list

07 November, 2022

When you wear the hat of mother, employee or entrepreneur, lover, daughter and more, the list of tasks to accomplish often grows quickly and it can be difficult to establish its priorities. To help you plan your weeks well and do everything you need to do efficiently , follow these tips.

Differentiate what is urgent from what is important

The urgent task cannot wait and must absolutely be carried out as quickly as possible . The important task, on the other hand, does not require immediate attention, but remains essential to the achievement of objectives.

Identify the most productive moments

When the time comes to place the various tasks to be accomplished in your weekly schedule , be sure to do so according to your work pace and your ability to fully concentrate according to the time of day . So be sure not to put an important meeting on your agenda at the end of the day if you are generally more tired at this time and rather put your brainstorming periods in the early morning if you are the type to have your best ideas in the morning. awakening.

Allow enough time for each task

To avoid always feeling like you're falling behind on your to-do list , make sure you allow plenty of time for everything that needs to be done . Above all, be realistic and remember to account for unavoidable distractions.

Know how to delegate

If your to-do list seems too big for the time you actually have in a week, take a moment to consider whether some tasks could be delegated instead . Sometimes it can be more cost-effective to pay someone to do the task for you than to take the time to do it yourself.

Finally, although the electronic version of the famous to-do list is sometimes practical, a paper version will allow you to always have easy access to your weekly or daily schedule!


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