Christmas, family ceremony!

18 December, 2018

In recent days, the weather is colder, the weather is shorter, and the time for going out of the overcoat is also very good. Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website. We are going to finish eating chocolate on our Easter calendar there soon. Whether we like it or not, the "ceremony" of Christmas can not be ignored: holiday decorations and music make our store a "wonderful moment"; multi-color lights are easily installed, let's walk in the evening, let's have a happy heart. But is our heart still close to family tradition? If you're like me, holiday time is often a time of anxiety: it's a time of year when everyone seems to want to get back in touch and brotherhood, and we're asking this question here and there almost every day. Consequences: fatigue, irritation and round belly of potherb and peat. In addition to stress, holiday moments bring joy and happy memories. When I was a kid, the festival started with Sears' catalogue. Halloween hasn't passed yet. I haven't turned over the Toy Festival page yet. Write down my choices on my gift list. The days passed quickly. My letter to Santa Claus had already been sent. I had to wait for the postman to pick her up. I've invested a lot of energy and love there, and I hope to receive a positive message that I'm really wise this year. The first weekend of December is finally the time for me to decorate my family house. My father put vinyl records in the holiday air, and together we opened the box in the middle of the living room. My parents, brothers and sisters installed a freshly cut Christmas tree on his base. They worked together and hung our most beautiful balls, ice cubes and wreaths there. Between the warm beef and the grey ass, little one Jesus Christ It's well installed under the Christmas branches and the stable roof. In the end, the magical moment is probably when the angel comes out of the box. Let's see parents put this picture on the top of the Christmas tree. It's a ritual I keep as an adult. Peacefully, as the day passed, I became more and more excited and happy. Finally, this is the last day of the Festival Eve. The teacher gave each of us a hug and best wishes. Although the tradition of the festival has remained basically the same over the past few years, sometimes I get tired of some activities and other rituals that I instilled in my youth. I remember Santa Claus's incredible waiting to put presents under the Christmas tree, waiting for 12 gifts before midnight, biscuits and milk glass, and I carefully placed them next to the illuminated tree, "Party" strolled all night, leaving the first ray of sunshine on Aunt Laura's face. She was going to work... At last, I felt that some of the rituals of my childhood had disappeared, or had completely changed over the years. Because of lack of interest, because of need, even because children don't necessarily play the same role in winter celebrations? At this moment, some of my childhood memories reappear in my body But let's pause for a moment... Let's remember the smell of each of our uncles, aunts and grandparents' coats, and when sleep begins to prevail, they become our blankets; let's remember the games that adults and children are allowed to play. We are looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus, the singing on December 24, and the "last time" for a large gathering in the basement of the church. All the memories are so far away from me While we try to make the most of every moment in the family, we also recognize that family interaction often disrupts certain daily lives (e.g., sleeping late, getting up late, eating more and getting "special" permission). In fact, these moments can be good opportunities for children to learn. But this is an opportunity for us adults. Page: 1 Some skills to develop apprentices during festivals:
  • Prepare family biscuits, let children decorate and use their creativity. In addition, dare to use pictograms, which can enhance the autonomy of different stages.
  • Use a schedule to locate time and encourage learning about numbers.
  • A family makes snowman Use this moment to study body parts and certain spatial concepts (...).
  • Use the time to decorate the Christmas tree to conceive the concept of quantity ("how many blue balls?"
Consider that what matters is not the number of ceremonies, but the quality of them. There may also be personal and / or family traditions passed on to you by your parents, from generation to generation. It could be that you invented your own traditions or that your family no longer celebrates some festivals. Nevertheless, some customs are still important. In addition to enriching family relationships, rituals can also create beautiful memories and serve as a time of comfort for children to refer to for a period of time. Finally, please continue this work. Now, let's find our children's heart again, let's create our own magic!