My first motivation board: the tool that motivates your little ones to grow

23 February, 2023

Learning to sleep alone in bed and potty training are two key milestones in child development that can sometimes be quite a challenge for parents, and that's why we thought we'd help by creating this chart. motivation that will allow your child to receive the positive reinforcement he needs to achieve the goals you set together.

So, each time your child manages to successfully achieve an important step in the acquisition of a new skill, give him a piece of the puzzle that he can put in the appropriate place to concretely see the progress. made . When the puzzle is completed, give a reward to the child to congratulate him for all the efforts made! In addition to representing a game for your child, the concept of the puzzle will allow him to clearly see the path he still has to go before the success of his challenge.

One table, two functions!

The little extra of our painting? As we don't want the board to be forgotten when the challenge is finally met, we have included in the set some colorful and playful magnetic shapes that your children can arrange as they wish on the blank side of the magnetic board . The surface can also be used for drawing with dry erase pens!

Do you plan to drive long hours with your children? Avoid traditional screens and use our board instead! Here are three suggested ways to use it:

  • To motivate your children to be calm during the journey, offer them a piece of the puzzle every given period of time.
  • Have your little ones create pictures using the magnetic shapes
  • Play "Draw me a picture" with the blank side of the tablet

So, ready to take new steps and have fun with your little ones?