The keys to teaching perseverance to children

07 November, 2022

Teaching your child to persevere is, above all, allowing him to develop his self-confidence and making him experience small and big pride on a daily basis . Learning perseverance also means developing your self-confidence and being able to face the various challenges that will arise on your personal and academic path.

Just like completing a puzzle of several hundred pieces, completing a sporting challenge or learning to read, using the general store will provide the opportunity for your children, through efforts supported, to develop this precious perseverance that will allow them to achieve their goals . To ensure that your child experiences successes and does not get discouraged along the way, it is important to respect these few principles:

  • Adjust expectations : It is important to adjust expectations not only according to the child's level of development, but also according to their temperament and abilities. If your requirements are too high, it will be difficult for your child to accumulate chips and he will probably lose his motivation more quickly. Do not hesitate to refer to our guide to the development of autonomy in order to have the right time on the abilities of children according to their age!
  • Motivate and encourage : it's time to bring out the cheerleader in you! Your child needs to know that you are proud of their efforts; make sure, in addition to granting him tokens, to congratulate him and underline his perseverance on a daily basis.
  • Take small steps : It's best to allocate small amounts to the various rewards sections of your general store first, so your child can experience success quickly and easily. When he has achieved a few goals and has been persevering for a while, gradually increase the value of each section of the store in order to slowly increase the level of difficulty.
  • Be a role model : do not hesitate to set yourself challenges that are up to you and take the time to reward yourself when your goals are achieved. Your children will see that even adults have to show perseverance and they will certainly want to imitate you!

Finally, don't forget to choose the value of each of the rewards that you put on sale in your general store. If your child ardently desires an object or a privilege for a long time and he speaks to you about it regularly, make sure that he must make the right and necessary efforts in order to finally obtain it!

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