The best method to favour the autonomy of the children!

23 September, 2019

Now that the children took back the way of the school, all, so-so, are tried to attain some family balance. They attract by one thousand and one means to make themselves heard, sure that our left luggage offices are respected. If it was possible to repeat every day a little less, the daily would seem to us much softer. If Nathan thought every day of the homework book. If Léa was ready on time every morning. If the playroom remained lined up well. If the children learnt to do the cleaning plainly of room. One more time, The Nice Designs give you their assistant by offering you an almost infallible method: the visual landmarks. Here is how our tools favour the autonomy of the children by depositing a crowd of small visual landmarks a bit everywhere in the home.
The time is a very abstract concept for the babies. Yesterday, tomorrow, sometimes, in 5 minutes, all this it is all the same in their mind! planning family monthly and weeklies will allow them to be during the day, in week and even in month. By using magnetoes, these babies pictogrammes which mark tasks, appointments and activities, holidays and special occasions, the children learn to get bearings in time without our assistant. To move the small star "Today " allows them to become aware of the time which passes but also to see of what is composed the ongoing day. Time Timer the perfect complement of tools is The Nice Designs. He announces easily to the children the available delay to carry a task out. It is possible to use it as a supplement to bracelet of routine or else during the execution of a small mission. 2. LANDMARKS IN THE SPACE L’operation tidying up of toys is often transformed there operation camouflaging of toys. Result: they are with a toy box or receptacles of tidying up filled with everything and anything. To institute a system of visual tidying up allows to avoid this eternal chaos. To identify every receptacle of tidying up of the playroom with the aid of tags gives landmarks to the children and allow them to line up every toy in the good place! Our news collection of tags of tidying up am not ONLY PRACTICAL BUT SPLENDID! Are you rather spices or Scandinavian? 3. LANDMARKS TO REMEMBER HOW TO MAKE At the risk of repeating to me, the parents have to become experts in modelling. Tasks or responsibilities to the children are fluently delegated without having given them concrete model. However this stage is crucial. Having carried task out in front of them then with them, it is better to leave them a small visual landmark of big stages to be performed. For example, by using the eye-catcher-door Small messenger «I do my room» your children will be able to remember of 5 necessary stages to do its room in an optimum way. The supplementary stickers in the bracelet of routine are also very useful to help your children to remember every stage of a well accomplished toilet, of bed made correctly or breakfast; of preparation in cleaning. 4. LANDMARKS AS AIDE-MEMOIRE If your children learn a new series of actions such as the routine of morning, not it is better to trust that in their memo to lead them to success. During time, give them a visual landmark so that they have the possibility of thinking of everything by themselves. This way of making will reinforce surely their confidence in their own means. The bracelet aide-memoire My routine or My school bag are very good tools to help the babies to forget nothing more. 4. LANDMARKS TO MARK OUR WAITINGS left luggage offices are numerous in the life of our children. There is all that it is necessary to make at home, but there are also waitings of the teachers and those of the representatives for guard's service. It is better to favour the visual landmarks to word when we introduce new left luggage offices. Here, they use small posters challenges blocksso that the children remember the new challenges for which they can get from blocks of General Shop.