Innovative tools that stimulate the creativity of young children.... and their parents!

07 November, 2017

When I created the Beautiful Combines tools for my marmalade, it was important to me that these tools, in addition to fulfilling the function for which they were designed, promote the overall development of my children and stimulate their creativity. I wanted my children to be at the centre of their learning and not just to become wise little beings ready to obey my orders.  Among other things, it was important for their creativity to be stimulated so that they could find solutions to their own problems. A creative child is necessarily more self-reliant and has greater confidence in his ability to succeed. In the words of my blogger accomplice Isabelle Maheux, "Creativity is not only the art of developing one's artistic talents, but of finding solutions to problems and perceiving the world in its own way."

So here are some tips to develop your children's creativity and use Les Belles Combines tools to their full potential.

The planifamily whistleblower it's the perfect tool to learn how to organize with your family! Like all Les Belles Combines tools, it is also a great excuse to stimulate children's creativity! The small space allocated to the Word of the week is a great way to do it. Here, we like to write a new vocabulary word or phrase and challenge our children to use it in a conversation during the week. When they do, they are rewarded with a block! This is how our 6-year-old Louis used the phrase "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack." looking for his yoyo in the completely messy playroom! A child who has vocabulary and is able to use it properly is much easier to express his or her ideas.

Another way to stimulate their inventiveness is to invite them to find themselves small missions to do throughout the week. A good deed, a personal challenge, a household task...  This way your child will learn to identify his or her small points to work on and to surpass himself.

The general store

The General Store, our large area of positive reinforcement, is the perfect way to stimulate the good moves of children. By using it, you will give your children small challenges so that they become more involved in family life. To encourage their creative spirit, why not ask them from time to time to think for themselves about what they could do to collaborate more in family life. You'll be surprised to see your children use creativity to get the much-desired reward. They will find a ton of good deeds to take in order to accumulate the blocks necessary to obtain the so-called reward. Or they will test, between brothers and sisters, different mathematical equations in order to accumulate their blocks and buy together the privilege or the so-called reward. Like the time Laurier and Simone put their blocks together to get the new puzzle in the 20-block section of our store. A great way to learn to both count and solve problems!

The Quiet Back Kit is a great tool when it comes to teaching our children how to manage their emotions. Invite your children to use creativity to find ways to calm down. My son decided to insert a small box of legos into our kit. Simone discovered that drawing allowed her to regain her composure. So we added a few sheets and crayons.

In the kit, there is also a series of restorative actions that allow us to repair a bad gesture done to someone.  Several gestures are offered but a few tickets have remained blank so you can customize them. Why not invite your child to use his imagination and suggest new ways to make amends for a blunder.

The Coprivileges are a series of small passes for wise children. Let your children create new ones in addition to those already on offer. Our little Laurier asked us to include the privilege of "sleeping in a sleeping bag" in the coupon box, something we wouldn't have thought of as parents!

The family council


The family advice book is the tool par excellence to develop the ability to find solutions to anything that is problematic in the home. To solve problems effectively, nothing beats a good dose of creativity. Plus, since two, three or four heads are better than one, a good family discussion session will lead you to find solutions together to what doesn't work in your tribe.

In the end, you'll be surprised at how The Beautiful Combines tools will push you to become creative parents!