The mental load of the holidays

09 June, 2021

Every winter, when the weather finally slows down after an often too busy holiday season, I begin to dream of our next summer vacation, of those precious family moments when time seems to stand still a little, of those lands still unexplored and those moments spent on the beach or by the fire calmly reading while the children play wisely by my side. Then, over the months that pass, reality and the mental load that accompanies it catch up with me. Rather than continuing to dream, I begin to think about the luggage to complete, the places that we absolutely must visit, the management of meals on the road, the many chicanes that will have to be managed and the long list of products that I will have to go and get for us at the pharmacy before departure.

The mental burden that rests more on women does not actually take vacations, and family trips can quickly become more like business trips. Thus, many women are unable to take full advantage of their holidays, seeing themselves rather as organizers or real travel agents. Although men also take charge of certain tasks related to the organization of vacations, according to Camille Robert, doctoral student and lecturer at UQAM who co-edited the book Invisible work: portraits of an unfinished feminist struggle , " the proportion of men is overestimated and that of women is underestimated. Men often perform more ad hoc and more visible tasks than women. »

At Les Belles Combines, we want to help you release your mental load and achieve peace of mind, especially on vacation! That's why we've prepared a complete file full of tips, advice and ideas for a pleasant and rewarding family camping experience. Follow the leader!

Belles Combines solutions for a camping holiday with peace of mind!

  • Take the time to assign all the tasks on our list fairly to each member of the family
  • Make sure we stick to our budget so we don't have to worry about our spending during the holidays
  • Take the time to prepare our Batch Cooking recipes as a couple or as a family so you don't have to worry about planning meals during your stay
  • Include children in the preparation of their luggage
  • Print our list of activities that will easily keep children busy on days when no organized activity is scheduled
  • Move alone or with family! To succeed in truly relaxing, nothing better than exercise!
  • Follow our precious advice on the art of disconnecting and reconnecting with nature.

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