Level 6 Tasks: Practical Tips and Tricks

15 March, 2023

That's it! Your children have now become teenagers and have reached the last level of our task magnets! At the age of twelve (or more!) , they are now able to perform the following set of tasks, corresponding to level 6 of our magnetos:
  • Feed and care for animals
  • Walk the dog
  • Wash floors and vacuum
  • Wash and dry the dishes
  • Fold/store towels and clothes
  • Wash fruits/vegetables and water plants
  • Sort clothes and do laundry
  • Make cookies/muffins
  • Mow the lawn, rake leaves, maintain the garden and clear snow
  • Take out the trash, recycling and compost
  • Store groceries
  • Wash windows and car
  • Bring your bedding to the wash
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Clean his room
  • Setting, clearing and cleaning the table
  • Clean the kitchen and the bathroom
  • Dust
  • Pick up the mail

Of course, most children at this age are now almost completely independent and therefore able to do most household chores without your help. Here are some tips to encourage their collaboration and take full advantage of daily tasks :

  • If your teenagers spend a lot of time with their friends and henceforth spend less time with you, take advantage of the time when they are carrying out their tasks to chat with them and make everything pleasant , even if it means giving them a little nudge. hand!
  • Do your children want more independence? Set a number of required household chores each week, but allow them to choose when it's best for them to complete them. On Saturday, if their chores are still not done, simply demand that they stay home until they are done.

Are you ready to leave your child to do the laundry, but worried that he will ruin your favorite sweater? Print out this little trick and display it prominently in your laundry room, to give them a handy guide to the meaning of the different icons on clothing labels (we bet it will also be very useful for the whole family!) :

Washing guide

At the age when he is reached, your child is now able to organize himself more on his own and learn to structure the tasks to be accomplished or the projects to be carried out effectively . To help him do it more easily, offer him this tool that will allow him to learn how to eat an elephant, one bite at a time!

How to eat an elephant one bite at a time

Are you looking for other tips to promote the autonomy of your little ones? We have created for you a complete autonomy course, available exclusively for our Family Heads! You can there discover all the actions that your child is able to accomplish on their own, according to their age and level of development , in all spheres of daily life, in addition to a host of tools practices to help. You will discover that around the age of twelve, the child is now able to:


  • Prepare your lunch alone from A to Z


  • Rotate your clothes according to the seasons

Hygiene care

  • Manage the inventory of your hygiene kit alone

Participation in domestic life

  • Maintain your bike

Temporal structure

  • Managing your own time

Environmental education

  • Understand the importance of fixing what's broken

Financial education

  • Learn about consumer rights
  • Understand how advertising can influence purchases

Social landmarks

  • Memorize your social insurance number

Want to learn more? Have access to our entire autonomy course In you subscribing to our monthly Chef.fe de famille !