Level 5 Tasks: Practical Tips and Tricks

13 March, 2023

If your children are now ten or eleven years old and/or they have almost perfectly mastered the tasks that make up level 4 of our magnetos, it is time to offer them new missions to take on! Here is what they are now able to accomplish, depending on their level of development:
  • Fold the napkins
  • Take out the trash, recycling and compost
  • Store groceries and wash fruits/vegetables
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Tidy up his room, fold/put away his clothes and bring his bedding to the wash
  • Clean, set and clear the table
  • Walk the dog
  • Water the plants
  • Dust
  • Pick up the mail
  • Raking leaves and maintaining the garden
  • Sweep and vacuum
  • Feed and care for animals
  • Wash and dry the dishes
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Sort clothes and do laundry
  • Make cookies/muffins

Your children are now almost teenagers, and they may be more reluctant to complete their tasks, preferring to spend more time having fun with their friends! Here are some tips to motivate them to collaborate:

  • If you're using the General Store to reward them for their efforts, consider including more privileges that they usually don't get easily : inviting a friend to sleep over or for a special activity, permission to sleep later, extra video game time, etc. Let's bet that this will be enough to motivate them to collaborate fully with household chores!
  • Feel free to apply natural consequences to their choices . They forget to do their laundry every week? They will no longer have clean clothes to put on their backs! They don't collaborate when it comes time to accomplish their tasks during the week? Ditch the special activities planned for the weekend, explaining to them that this free time should be used to do the maintenance of the house instead.
  • Your child is now grown, but keeps forgetting to do his laundry? To help her think about it, hang this poster on her bedroom doorknob on laundry days!

As children get older, tasks become more complex and need to be taught . To help your kids learn how to do laundry or clean the bathroom or kitchen, give them this handy cheat sheet of each of the necessary steps:

Cheat sheet for more complex tasks

With new tasks come new responsibilities, but also new freedoms , which will allow your children to see how much fun it is to grow up! To help you determine which freedoms to grant to your child according to his age, consult this little trick:


Are you looking for other tips to promote the autonomy of your little ones? We have created for you a complete autonomy course, available exclusively for our Family Heads! You can there discover all the actions that your child is able to accomplish on their own, according to their age and level of development , in all spheres of daily life, in addition to a host of tools practices to help. You will discover that at the age of ten or eleven, the child is now able to:


  • Peel a hard-boiled egg on your own


  • Help with the choice of clothes according to their style of dress

Hygiene care

  • clean and cut nails alone

Participation in domestic life

  • Sort and put away your own school materials at the end of the year
  • Tidy up his room alone proactively once a week

Temporal structure

  • Access impersonal time

Environmental education

  • Ask yourself if you really need it before making a purchase

Financial education

  • Manage simple expenses
  • Know what credit and financing is used for

Social landmarks

  • Travel alone on foot or by bike to school

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