Level 3 Tasks: Practical Tips and Tricks

13 March, 2023

Your children are now around six or seven years old or almost perfectly mastered the execution of the tasks of level 2 of our magnetos? They are therefore ready to move on to the next level, and take on the following small missions with flying colors:
  • Take out the trash and recycling
  • Store groceries
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Clean his room
  • Fold/store clothes
  • Bring your bedding to the wash
  • Clean and clear the table
  • Set the table
  • Feed the animals
  • Store toys and books
  • Do the drying-up
  • Fold the napkins
  • Wash fruits/vegetables
  • Water the plants

Even though they have grown up, children of this age often still need a little help in order to be fully independent in carrying out the household tasks assigned to them. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  • Want your kids to help you put groceries away, but hate having your pantry and fridge upside down afterwards? Organize your space with well-identified bins (discover our practical storage labels here!) that will allow all family members to know exactly where to store the different foods.
  • At this age, children still need visual cues to know exactly what to do. Use our small routine charts that will allow them to easily complete each step of their routine when they return from school , including of course performing a household chore!
  • Obviously, your kids won't fold their clothes exactly like you would. Let them do this task in their own way , and then simply explain to them how they could do better next time!
  • Is it your laundry day? Simply hang this poster on your child's doorknob to let them know it's time to bring their bedding into the laundry room!

Your children have now started their school journey, and will come back every June with a pile of school materials to sort and put away! To help them do this on their own, offer them this little trick that will give them the path to follow to make sure they do an effective sorting :

Instructions for sorting and storing school materials

Do you have real little artists at home who are struggling to put away their DIY materials after demonstrating the extent of their creativity? Download and print this DIY Corner Rules poster to keep prominently displayed to encourage your kids to keep things neat and tidy when it comes time to explore!

The rules of our DIY corner

Are you looking for other tips to promote the autonomy of your little ones? We have created for you a complete autonomy course, available exclusively for our Family Heads! You can there discover all the actions that your child is able to accomplish on their own, according to their age and level of development , in all spheres of daily life, in addition to a host of tools practices to help. You will discover that at the age of six or seven, the child is now able to:


  • Assemble your lunch alone


  • Make a knot and a loop alone to tie your shoes
  • Know your right and your left

Hygiene care

  • To go to the bathroom alone at night

Participation in domestic life

  • Changing the batteries of an electronic object alone
  • Changing the toilet paper roll alone

Temporal structure

  • Indicate the day of the week correctly
  • Dress appropriately according to the seasons

Environmental education

  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room
  • Unplug unused chargers

Financial education

  • Know where the money comes from and how it is earned
  • Know what savings are and what they are used for

Social landmarks

  • Learn the highway code on foot
  • Find out your mailing address

Want to learn more? Have access to our entire autonomy course In you subscribing to our monthly Chef.fe de famille !