Level 2 Tasks: Practical Tips and Tricks

13 March, 2023

Your child is growing up, and now that he's around four or five years old , he's able to do whole new things around the house! Here are the ones that we suggest to you according to his level of development, and which are represented by our level 2 task magnets :

  • Wash fruits/vegetables
  • Water the plants
  • Store your toys
  • Clearing the table
  • Do the drying-up
  • Clean his room
  • Put away your clothes
  • Bring your bedding to the wash
  • Feed the animals
  • Set the table
  • Store your books
  • Fold hand towels

Here are also some practical tips and tricks that will allow you to promote their autonomy in the accomplishment of their tasks:

  • To make it easy for the toys to find their place and for them to be easy to put away for your child, separate them into categories using bins clearly identified by pictograms , as children of this age have not yet learned to read. Our storage labels for the playroom will fulfill this function perfectly!
  • Does your child have the precious mission of watering the plants? Offer him a spray bottle to make this one rather than the traditional watering can to make his job easier and, above all, to avoid annoying messes!
  • Why not take advantage of wiping the dishes to have fun with your child? Sing, dance, let loose and make this moment a pleasant activity that your child will want to do again!
  • Is it your laundry day? Simply hang this poster on your child's doorknob to let them know it's time to bring their bedding into the laundry room!

At this age, children often prefer play to completing chores, so it's important to make tidying up fun and positive . To help you, do not hesitate to apply the “15 minutes of grace” technique , a challenge that your little ones will certainly take great pleasure in taking up!

The technique of “15 minutes of grace”

Do your children accumulate toys and often have trouble freeing up space for novelties? Teach them how to efficiently sort and tidy up their playroom with this handy little trick:

How to declutter the playroom

Are you looking for other tips to promote the autonomy of your little ones? We have created for you a complete autonomy course, available exclusively for our Family Heads! You can there discover all the actions that your child is able to accomplish on their own, according to their age and level of development , in all spheres of daily life, in addition to a host of tools practices to help. You will thus discover that at the age of four or five, the child is now able to:


  • Prepare a bowl of dry cereal and simple snacks
  • Open food packaging


  • Attach medium-sized buttons
  • Distinguish the front from the back of clothes

Hygiene care

  • Brush your teeth alone under the supervision of a parent
  • Effectively wiping your nose and blowing your nose alone

Participation in domestic life

  • Put your clothes in the wash yourself

Temporal structure

  • Use the terms “tomorrow” and “yesterday” correctly most of the time

Environmental education

  • Use both sides of a sheet to draw
  • Pick up trash left on the ground

Financial education

  • Understand that money is used to buy things

Want to learn more? Have access to our entire autonomy course In you subscribing to our monthly Chef.fe de famille !