Level 1 tasks: practical tips and tricks

13 March, 2023

Now that your kids have turned three , it's time to get them fully involved in doing the chores around the house! At this age, children are often still very happy to help, so it's a great time to introduce them to some tasks they can do easily , such as those pictured on the magnetos associated with their level: bending washcloths, put away his books, set the table, put away his toys and tidy his room . Here are some tips that will promote their full autonomy and the development of good habits in the execution of their small missions:

  • Teach them now to immediately put their toys and books away after using them , before taking anything else out. The more they are used to doing it young, the more likely they are to do it naturally when they are older!
  • For your little ones to be able to set the table on their own, the utensils must be easily accessible to them ! So be sure to store them in a drawer within easy reach, rather than the traditional top drawer.
  • At the age of three, it can be difficult for a child to understand precisely what it means to “tidy up the room”. To help him achieve this task, clearly name each of the steps , or simply print this door hanger to his room on cleaning days!

Does your child have this annoying habit of scattering his toys all over the house? In order to contain his enthusiasm when necessary, offer him exploration baskets instead ; as their content is limited, the chances are less high to see the house quickly transform into a real battlefield!

Suggestions for exploration baskets

Now that the tasks are well done, why not take advantage of your free time to have fun with your little ones? Here are two fun little tricks to print that will allow you to spend sweet moments with your family !

Dice to move

Coin-coin Tell me a story!

Are you looking for other tips to promote the autonomy of your little ones on a daily basis? We have created for you a complete autonomy course, available exclusively for our Family Heads! You can there discover all the actions that your child is able to accomplish on their own, according to their age and level of development , in all spheres of daily life, in addition to a host of tools practices to help. You will discover that at three years old, the child is now able to:


  • Pour a liquid alone into a glass, cup or container with handles


  • Put on and take off your shoes alone

Hygiene care

  • Bathing alone under the supervision of a parent

Participation in domestic life

  • Carry objects without dropping or dropping them

Temporal structure

  • Distinguish the present from the near future

Environmental education

  • Don't waste toilet paper

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