Placote and meals with Elisabeth Simard - the Interview was conducted in the context of the Challenge 5@8 without screens

29 October, 2018

Elisabeth Simard, author of the book Living simply : Out of chaos moderne and offer a sweeter life, is a mother passionate about simplicity, positive parenting, slow living, of family life, and slow parenting.

Trained as a Simplicity Parenting, Family Life Coach, she helps families who want to regain their breath. She holds a bachelor's degree in geography and environmental and master's degree in environment. Above all, she is in love, friend, and mom of 3 beautiful boys full of life! Are you going to inhale on his blog Rubyear Cassette for even more simplicity.

  1. How many children do you have and what âge do they have?
I have three beautiful boys : Henri, 5 and a half years, Paul, 4 years, and Oscar, 20 months.
  1. How many screens do you have at home?
We have a tv, which is not connected to any post. You send Netflix on it sometimes, but really rarely...we think maybe the sell, it does serves us, not really. We have a laptop, an old iPad broken that we mainly use for podcasts and audio books and my lover has a cell phone. I have no phone for the moment, we will see if I obtain it again soon or not.
  1. A day-of-week " normal ", how many hours do you spend with your children?
For the moment, my three children have a schedule a little different from each other : Oscar : it's not going to daycare. We are together everyday, all day! Paul : My brother Paul is going to daycare 3 days per week. I'm going to bring in the bus in the morning without rushing, and then he comes back with my lover in the evening. During these day, we are together about 4 hours. The other two days of the week, it is with Oscar and me all day. Henri : Henri is going to the kindergarten but as we live a 2-minute walk from the school, I'm going to wear in the morning without too much press, I'll then look it up for dinner (it was almost 2 hours free) then I'll take a look at 15.15 and it is all up to the dodo in the evening. It's about 6 or 7 hours together per day, depending on time lifted and folded.
  1. How much time per day you ask of the screens?
I spend about 2 hours or 3 hours per day on screens. Obviously, during certain periods of my life, it's more than that, as when I write a book or I have to create a new program. At the moment, my screen time is divided between responding to messages here and there (about an hour spread out over the whole day during small quiet moments), as well as an issue with my lover in the evening when the kids are in bed (after 20h!). During periods when I work more, to this I add about 2 hours of work on the computer.  
  1. What habit have you lost due to (or thanks) to the technology?
Call. I confess, I've always hated talking on the phone. I've always made greatly uncomfortable. With the technology, I admit, I send text messages...
  1. What is the application that you can't pass on your cell phone?
I don't have a cell phone for the time, but when I do, I can't go to the Messages app and the Calendar. It was via text message that I communicate more with my friends and my family. Otherwise, I love Instagram. I try not to spend a lot of time, but this is by far the social media that I love the most. I have real friends and it is a wonderful community that will support and trade a lot.
  1. What application should you delete?
Facebook! And I did a year ago exactly, and I am doing very well. For me, this platform represented a loss of time. Now, I use it at specified times and specified purposes only, and it is perfect like that.
  1. How difficult is it to manage your own consumption screen?
Not really. Sometimes, when I'm enthusiastic about a project or a topic, I have more misery to stop me during a certain period of time, but I feel so inconsistent physically and mentally when I spend too much time in front of the screen that it is not long that I go back to my usual consumption.
  1. Y a-t-il a re ed to use of screens at home?
Yes! We have a schedule screen, even though established for the children, which avoid a lot of demands and endless negotiations. My two grands have a time period (approximately 1 hour of time) by two weeks. My little Oscar doesn't listen at all. I do not feel comfortable with the idea of putting a show to watch before the age of two and a half years or 3 years. There is no game on the phone, the iPad or the computer and as it has always been like that, nobody questions that. For my part, as I spend a lot of time with children and I want to stay consistent, I make efforts to not be in front of my computer or my phone in their presence, except to send a message to my lover, or put on some music, etc When I use them, I talk to them, told them what I'm doing as this they realize that this is a tool and not just something that absorbs my attention. I want to give them that as an example even though this is not always obvious to me.
  1. Do you tend to be in airplane mode or FOMO (fear of missing out)?
Airplane Mode all the way! I am the type JOMO (Joy of missing out) :)

burst :

  1. Your favourite board game?
The good old maps or Taiga with the children.
  1. Your children's book shot in the heart?
"Draw everything, as if by magic" editions Marabout
  1. Your favorite app for the little ones?
I don't know of any!
  1. Your family outing favorite?
Walks in the forest, without a shadow of a doubt! Then our sessions journalingthe discoveries that we made during our outing in the nature.
  1. The toy that may captivate your children for hours?
The Lego blocks and drawing. In the framework of the "Diefi 5@8 without screens", Elizabeth offers you to chat and popoter by PREPARING THE BREAD DOUGH. A recipe is JUST fantastic! Téléchargez free the recipe ! Please do not hesitate to share the photos of your 5@8 on social media using #Défi5a8sansécrans