5 @ 8 interview without screens with Annie co-founder of Les Belles Combines!

29 October, 2018

Annie is the graphic designer to whom we owe the brand image of Les Belles Combines and the design of all our products. She is the mother of a beautiful tall teenager of 16 years old. Managing screens at this age is a very different challenge, but fortunately we quickly set very clear rules because we really care about our time without these screens!   How many children do you have and how old are they?  1 16 year old girl How many screens do you have at home?  1 television, 1 tablet, 2 cell phones, a desktop computer and a laptop On a "normal" weekday, how many hours do you spend with your children?  About 6 hours a day. I also have the chance to work at home so when my daughter comes home from school, she spontaneously comes to say hello and tell me (sometimes) the beautiful and less beautiful moments of her day! How many hours a day do you see the screens?  Verry much. I work working in front of a screen; I have 2 companies that ask me to use my screens constantly. So 8-10 hours a day. On the other hand, in the evening, I try to stay away from it, 40 min max of television and that's not all!   What habit have you lost because of (or thanks to) technology?  Learn phone numbers by heart! I realize by writing this sentence that I do not even know the number of my lover who has been in my life for almost 2 years!   What app can't you do without on your cell phone?  Waze to zigzag in traffic and get to my destination without too much stress. Which app should you delete?  I like the idea given by Catherine Price (author of the book "Drop your phone") and I should do it! She offers to delete the Facebook and Instagram applications and to go through the browser to go "zyeuter" our social networks. So we think twice and we go there less often!   How difficult is it to manage your own screen consumption?  Not really! As I am so connected from 8 am to 5 pm, in the evening, outside of my working hours, I no longer really want to surf the net ... I also try to share this time with my daughter.   Is there a rule for using screens in your home?  Yes. No screen at dinner, when we're with family, and in the car if you sit in front with the driver, you put it aside. Especially no headphones. We discover our playlists directly through the car's sound system. Are you more of a plane or FOMO (fear of missing out) mode?  More airplane mode I would say. I’ve turned off all notifications except my texts. When you have a 16 year old daughter, this is how we communicate to keep up to date with our travels. As my accomplice is in charge of social networks, it is easier for me to disconnect more often!  

A lot of :

  Your favorite board game?  Undeniably Backgammon.   Your favorite children's book?  Phew my big one is already far from this period but let's say that we like all 2 the BD Paul series, which is quite large audience.   Your favorite app for small ADO ?  REMINDER. Yes yes the application on Apple devices !!! Parents of teenagers, I recommend that you quickly teach your young people, who have a cell phone, to use this application and thus stop repeating "empty the cat litter box !!!!!!"   Your favorite family outing?  Go wandering the streets of the city center, museum, thrift store, small cafe with my big one! Go to the countryside on my parents' beautiful estate. I really need these 2 universes - city / countryside!   To participate in 5 @ 8 challenge without screens and do not miss any activity suggestions, tips and tricks to better manage the consumption of screens for the whole family, click on I participate on the page Event Facebook! Do not hesitate to share the photos of your 5 @ 8 on social media using # Défi5a8sansécrans!