Chat and hiding place with Julie Philippon - Interview conducted as part of the 5 @ 8 Challenge without screens

29 October, 2018

Author, blogger, speaker, but especially mom, Julie is curious, creative and a little hyperactive. Thanks to his blog Mom booh, it makes us discover how our reality as a parent can be more sweet and enriching. Above all, she is an ordinary girl who experiences extraordinary things despite the vagaries of life. Its goal: to inspire people who juggle life's difficulties, who have the impression of having a "heart in the mud" to feel less alone and better understood by the authentic sharing of their own journey and tips facilitative. His presence at the 5 @ 8 will certainly help you to play down the most difficult moments.   How many children do you have and how old are they?  I have two children (I should rather say "teenagers") 12 and 14 years old. How many screens do you have at home?  Hmm ... Two televisions (but just one plugged in), a family computer, my laptop, 3 tablets (one for each child + mine) and recently, 4 smart phones (in fact, the children inherited from our old ). On a "normal" weekday, how many hours are you with your children?  Good question ! In general, I am present at levee or lying! I am there when they leave for school, but also when they return, evenings, weekends, etc., except when I give conferences, cover events or when I am in Book Fairs. In short, I am as much at home as they can be! How many hours a day do you see the screens?  Aye! The question that kills! I work from home, on the screens most of the time, using the internet connection, unless it is writing for my manuscripts and again, I do a lot of research ... Flute! What habit have you lost because of (or thanks to) technology?  To use a watch, a dial and even a stopwatch. To search for my camera, I always use that of my iPhone. What is the app you can't do without on your cell phone?  Does the flashlight count? If not, what calendar can I synchronize with everyone else? Facetime or Messenger to stay in touch with the family who is (too) far away? Which app should you delete?   How difficult is it to manage your own screen consumption?  Noui. Is there a rule for using screens in your home?  Not at night! It’s weird, I imagine, when you have young children, to read this, but teens communicate all the time, so with us, once in bed, it’s over. Ideally, no iBébelles au 2efloor where the rooms are (except for us, the parents and these are only our phones). I don’t bring my computer to my room or very rarely. And, we must always be respectful! Being a user who has good practices, at all times, me as a blogger, but also as an individual and I expect my children to be too. It requires an education, I hope it is well acquired, in fact. Are you more of a plane or FOMO (fear of missing out) mode?  "Airplane", I love this option.

A lot of :

  It is difficult to answer because since last spring, my children have grown almost 8 inches and they "returned" to adolescence through the big DOOR! So my benchmarks have almost all changed. Your favorite board game?  Scrabble for adults (once the kids are asleep), UNO when the little ones are present or Yazty which brings everyone together - we're pretty "classic", eh? Your favorite children's book?  I have too many and I refuse to choose! Your favorite app for the little ones? Ha! There are so many, I really like what TFO does for children (Boukili), but also all those that allow you to learn while having fun like "The magic of words" or even visual timers (like Time Timer ), but I think what we have always preferred is to look at the photos and videos. I am a real kid kodak, I like to document everyday life and bring out these beautiful moments when it is not a good day. Your favorite family outing?  The last! I always try to take advantage of the present moment. If there are animals and nature, it may be the most beautiful outing in the world, until the next. The toy that can captivate your children for hours?  Construction games, LEGOs, figurines like Playmobil or puzzles, but above all, books (yes, I know, this is debatable, but here, it also falls into the category of " toys. " As part of the "Challenge 5@ 8 without screens", Julie offers you a chat and hideout evening. PLAYING WITH THE HIDDEN does not go out of fashion! In the dark it is even funnier. Inside or outside, take out your flashlights and above all have fun We wish you lots of laughs. Don't hesitate to share your 5 @ 8 photos on social media using # Défi5a8sansécrans