Cuddles and secrets with Marie Custeau - Interview conducted as part of the 5 @ 8 Challenge without screens

24 October, 2018

Marie Custeau is the founder of Enamour. In addition to working there full time, she is the mother of two boys, 7 and 9 years old. It was by looking for care products for her children that she had the idea of ​​founding In love,  a range of minimalist treatments for the whole family. All natural and vegetable. She loves the verb "to fall in love", and has always found it beautiful. We bet that she will put positive and tenderness in your "5 @ 8 Challenge without screens".   How many children do you have and how old are they?  I have two children, they are 9 and 7 years old. How many screens do you have at home?
1 television 2 mobile phones 2 portable computers (One day, our iPad 2 died and we never replaced it!) 3. On a "normal" weekday, how many hours are you with your children? Minimum 4 hours.
How many hours a day do you see the screens?  Job day: 7-9 hours Weekend day: max 1 hour I frankly try to disconnect (in every sense of the word!) What habit have you lost because of (or thanks to) technology?  I find it easier to send rapido love to people I love - when you think of them, a little text message is sent so quickly (but hey ... see answer below for the dichotomy of case lol ..!) What app can't you do without on your cell phone?  Headspace: a meditation app. Is the time spent on the screens stressing me out too much, so I have to meditate every day with my app on my screen? Irony! ;) Which app should you delete?  Probably Instagram, but because of my job, unfortunately I can't do too much ...! How difficult is it to manage your own screen consumption?  When I was approached to participate in this campaign, I was delighted because it is a subject that is very close to my heart and that I think of almost every day. I read a lot on the subject because already, I have children who are filled with the desire to “play more video games” and that moreover, I find it crazy to see the “addicted to their phone” as my son calls them, walking in town with their eyes riveted on their screens. Far from the present moment. I know that screen addiction is harmful and anxiety-provoking (especially on small developing brains!) ... I imagine that like food, you have to consume intelligently and have fun sometimes, it's a matter of personal discipline , exactly. As for the answer to the question (lol) it is frankly less and less difficult for all the reasons above and because recently I had an overflow, I am tired of dragging my phone everywhere . I try to have a "hygiene" that makes good sense: Not being on my cell for nothing in the presence of children. Leave it aside as much as possible outside working hours, etc. Is there a rule for using screens in your home?  Yes, rather strict ... For children, zero screens during the week and 30 minutes of video games each day of the weekend + a little TV here and there. I'm happy because it pays: One of my boys loves to read and draw a lot and my children tend to be able to have fun alone without complaining too much that they are bored. We do not have a video game console. Are you more of a plane or FOMO (fear of missing out) mode?  There was a time when I was FOMO, but over time I realized that it brought me more anxiety than anything! I have no stress leaving my phone away at night or on weekends. And do not respond to texts and emails fast enough ..! (Sorry family and friends, I still love you xx)

A lot of :

  Your favorite board game?  For now: UNO Your favorite children's book?  "I'm terrible" by Élise Gravel Your favorite app for the little ones? Hmm let's say the TocaBoca game apps Your favorite family outing?  I don't know what to choose: A hike or a lunch at a restaurant The toy that can captivate your children for hours?  It's been a long time since we released it, but moon sand was a favorite at one time!
 As part of the "5 @ 8 Challenge without screens", Marie invites you to hug and confide in the CONFIDENCE MOMENTS activity.Download for free  the little trick that will allow you to know more about your child and him about you! Don't hesitate to share your 5 @ 8 photos on social media using # Défi5a8sansécrans