Chat and Bricole with Geneviève Jetté - Interview conducted as part of the 5-8 without screens

29 October, 2018

Genevieve is the energy bomb behind the blog Recreation. A mom who demonstrates that having a colorful life is possible, no need to wait for the biggest trip in the world, just need to see the sweet little moments like little recreations, close your eyes, savor, and then realize that your child has just emptied the bottle of ketchup on the kitchen floor !!! Because that's also real life at the bottom! Not everything is perfect, it will never be perfect, it is always better to laugh and enjoy than to cry !!! Let's bet that his collaboration will drop a beautiful sale of freshness on your 5-8 without screens!   How many children do you have and how old are they? I have 3 beautiful boys of 17 months, 7 years and 10 years   How many screens do you have at home?  A mobile phone, a television    On a "normal" weekday, how many hours do you spend with your children? I am with baby 4 days a week and if not during the school year I am with the boys until they leave in the morning and as soon as they return from school at 3pm. In the summer I'm with them at home full time.    How many hours a day do you check the screens?  During working hours it is from about 9 am to 3pm (equivalent to someone who works in the office), on the other hand, in the evening often also I have to work once the children are in bed and sometimes also in the morning around 5am before waking them up... Part of my job is managing the social networks of several companies and I must say that I have difficulty making a break between work and leisure... But you see, right now I'm answering this questionnaire and it's 11:17.    What habit have you lost because of (or thanks to) technology? Open a dictionary, ask my way, learn a phone number, rummage through a recipe book, call a friend, go to the bank (thank you depositing cheques with camera)...    What's the app you can't do without on your cell phone? Instagram, really the deal I love the most about social media.     What app should you delete? The weekend: Messenger, I started to cut it quietly not fast because often the people at work have time to work evenings and weekends and I want these moments to be reserved for the family... Messenger has become the quick place to get a quick response but I don't want to be reachable anymore.    Is it difficult to manage your own screen consumption?  Yes and no, the work that moves in the schedule reserved for the family is a scourge ... Worse since people see the green button when you're online. Even worse since there's the "Vu" button. On the other hand I have friends who are far away and it allows us to chat sometimes late at night as if they were my neighbors and that for me it's worth a lot. When I became a mom, the isolation was so difficult, I moved to a city where I didn't know anyone, my screen saved me a little by creating friendships that look like me... So if I'm on my screen chatting with a friend late for me it's like I'm on the phone but being able to pick myself up and do my dishes. It's win-win I think!    Is there a screen rule in your home? Here we have no TV at the top and no cable on the one in the basement, in fact we open it up 15 times a year now whereas before it was running continuously. The boys listen to a movie from time to time on Saturday night or if we have a late-night visit... Children don't use tablets or computers here, just at grandparents' homes... Their screen time is therefore on average 2 hours per week, sometimes less, sometimes a little more.    Are you more of an airplane mode or FOMO (fear of missing out)? It really depends on the periods of my life. I'm bipolar from the virtual. Sometimes I just don't want to open anything and it lasts a few weeks and other times it's the other way around I don't want to miss anything.   

In burst:

  Your favorite board game? Guess who and Janod's Tékitoua variant   Your favorite children's book? For real it is impossible for me to name just one. I have too many favorites ...    Your favorite app for kids? I don't have a children's app on my cell (OMG). Sometimes I download P'tit Yoga on the other hand.     Your favorite family outing? Everything that is done in a field: go to pumpkins, orchards, strawberries, blueberries... Because it's inspiring and makes me want to make food. A farmer's granddaughter, it smells like my whole childhood and I feel like I'm leaving memories in my children's hearts.    The toy that can captivate your children for hours? Books and it's not just to make beautiful... My kids read like full-time. It doesn't make any sense. They always have a book in their hands! Here we have hundreds of books, it's a disease. Before they would wake up and turn on the TV, now they open a book. It's almost automatic! As part of the "Challenge 5-8 without eCrans" Genevieve offers you to chat and tinker with a CHASSE IN TRÉSOR. A few pieces of paper, a treasure and a few clues. It's easy to liven up your whole evening.  Don't hesitate to share photos of your 5-8 on social media using #Défi5a8sansécrans