Make a family tree

19 December, 2022

Mom who is your dad? Daddy have you ever been in grandma's womb? Grandpa what was his name when he was little? Will my little brother Renaud one day overtake me? All these cute questions that our little ones ask themselves about the relationships that unite their family members reflect a desire to build their identity but also to understand the notion of time and generation.

Making a family tree is an activity that is sure to please children, parents and even grandparents, uncles and aunts. It's the perfect time to peel through old photo albums and pull out dusty memory boxes to bring our ancestors back to life. To complete their family tree, children will need to ask several questions of family members. If grandma no longer remembers the name of her maternal grandmother, let's bet that great aunt Françoise will remember it, it's well worth a phone call. It's the perfect opportunity to chat with everyone and remember anecdotes and stories about great-grandfather Adélard and tell them to the little ones.

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