Gatherings: ode to diversity!

17 February, 2023

Gatherings: ode to diversity!

By Season

We love our family there… But who says inviting family (and sometimes even friends) says… possibilities of differing opinions, spats and susceptibilities.

Have you ever noticed how we tend to point out the differences in values, points of view, approaches, opinions, life choices of our loved ones instead of highlighting what we have in common or, better yet, complementary?

In addition, our loved ones are sometimes awkward towards us, intrusive or simply unpleasant and it is not always easy to be respected or establish boundaries politely.

It sometimes leads us to fear reunions, to anticipate confrontations or to avoid mixing genres altogether.

To help you approach gatherings with confidence, enthusiasm and agility, we have prepared a little mental preparation trick for you.

PS: I know, I know, maybe you should also make your mother-in-law/your brother/your tiresome father-in-law read this…

In fact, why not!

Simply repeat: “You're a little beautiful, diversity! All together, we represent all styles, a real micro-society! »

Or prepare a benevolent and neutral sentence in advance, which you can release in the event of a heated discussion. You will never be caught off guard!

Need examples?

  • “I'm on leave, I'm not talking about politics! »
  • “Children's education is like politics, we each have our beliefs and they are usually well anchored! »
  • “We're going to run out of time to go around the question today, so let's leave it like that for now. »
  • " The world changes! »
  • “To each his own truth! »
  • “I understand that it is important to you, but it is less in our/my values ​​or in the values ​​of today of _____________”

Need help navigating through confrontational family relationships and hotter topics?

Download the little trick!