In April, think outside the box and explore different ways to move!

16 March, 2023

In April, think outside the box and explore different ways to move!
By Sarah, President of Bougeotte and Placotine
With the beginning of spring, it is getting milder and the great cold is behind us; the days are getting longer and the children are playing outside longer. For the month of April, I wanted to offer you some less common ideas for moving with children.

(Re)discover the scooter

It must have been four years now since I bought myself a scooter and I love it! My three daughters almost learned to ride a scooter at the same time they learned to walk. As I live in the city, I love to go shopping or eat ice cream on a scooter; it's fun, it goes fast and it works your thigh! Scooters, there really is something for everyone. My daughters started out on a three wheel scooter and have now graduated to two wheel scooters, even my youngest aged five! There are also scooters for all budgets, so it's up to you to find the model that suits you best. My advice: it is worth investing in wheels that are not too small and of good quality to keep it as long as possible. I tell you, you will not regret: guaranteed pleasure!

walk the city

In a stroller or with a baby carrier, all the reasons are good to go for a stroll in town. In the spring, with the warming rays of the sun, we love going for a stroll in town with the family. Dressed in snowsuits to prepare for the slush, we often go to Petit Champlain to make tourists in our own town. The girls love discovering the shops, getting some fresh air and, above all, the hot chocolate/snack break; April is the perfect month for that! So go and rediscover your corner of the country!