Take a break from screens while moving!

26 October, 2022 • Par Bougeotte et Placotine

Taking a break from screens is a healthy habit for both children and parents. Why not replace your screen time with a family activity that will get you moving? Take the opportunity to discover new neighborhoods, new trails and to invite your neighbors to join you!

Here are some activities that are easy to organize with the family or with your neighbors, which require very little preparation and equipment in order to leave plenty of room for fun:

  • Visit a park in another neighborhood
  • Collect the leaves on the ground
  • Go for a walk near a stream
  • Organize a family tournament: soccer, baseball, tennis, etc.
  • Make tourists in your own city
  • Go and enjoy the public swimming pool
  • Pick up the mail on the march
  • Gather neighbors for a team sport: Hockey, badminton, basketball, etc.
  • Take a hike in the forest
  • Organize a relay race
  • Play board games and make Jumping Jacks every time you win
  • Shopping for groceries on foot
  • Go skating at the city arena
  • Organize a team treasure hunt
  • Take a walk in the neighborhood

No need to break your head to organize complicated activities that require a ton of preparations and equipment to obtain. Get inspired by the places and people nearby!