Moving on the holiday route

23 June, 2022 • Par Sarah, Bougeotte et Placotine

By Sara Baribeau of Bougeotte and Placotine.

That's it, we're déconfiné! I don't know about you, but here, we want to escape. We want to see other faces and other landscapes. Of course, long car journeys are not always convenient. Sitting for long hours is not easy, neither to temper the energy of children nor to temper the patience of parents. After a few hours of inventing guessing games or delaying the moment to take out the tablets, everyone is fed up. I therefore offer you some little tips to make your travels more pleasant and succeed in using the energy of children wisely.

Tip number 1:

Before the big departure, television is no! When planning to go on the road, the hour before should be active. While you finish filling up the car, let your kids run around, play in the yard, or jump on the beds. Let them expend as much energy as possible before sitting in the car for a long time.

Tip number 2:

Plan strategic stops on the road. If you can, depending on the patience of the children, plan stops after 1h30 to 2h on the road. If your cocos are still young and it is more difficult to predict the duration of the nap, take a break no more than 30 minutes after waking up from the nap.

Tip number 3:

Stop at strategic places. At each stop, whatever the reason, plan an energy expenditure. If you've been planning on stopping for a meal, it might be worth opting for a picnic near a park or green space. The children will be able to spend their energy before or after.

Tip number 4:

Discover new places! When you are on the road, for example towards Gaspésie, or Maine, have the reflex to open Google Map and look where you could find

BMX trails or parks. Prepare the bikes or scooters and hop, make an active stop. While the parents go for a short jog, the children follow on a scooter or bike or discover a new BMX track.

Tip number 5:

Every stop is an opportunity to move. Your oldest is craving and you stop at a gas station? Take 5 minutes to get everyone out of the car and stretch their legs. Jump, dance, roll, whatever, be creative and playful. These micro-breaks can make all the difference. Also, we must not forget to put ourselves at the level of the children and not to try to convince them to think like an adult. Don't forget to present your plan to them so that everyone's expectations are met, or at least the children understand that stops are already planned.

Finally, don't stay rigid about your plan, don't forget to adapt and tell yourself that the trip can really be a great family moment, and even an active one :).